Customer service centre 52 (444) 825 41 03 with 60 lines available
Customer service centre 52 (444) 825 41 03 with 60 lines available

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This type of Communicator transmits the possible events to our monitoring cabin and to the contact mobile numbers, which have our application.

The GPRS communicators can arm and disarm your alarm system just by being TI (things internet) equipped.

It works with a double channel communication (a main one and a back up one).which will be use in case the primary one is interrupted.

  • • Double via communication and alarm system back up.
  • • Adaptable technology, which allows you to automatize the alarm system.
  • • Arm or disarm an alarm system.

They are communicators that transmit all the alerts triggered by the system to pour monitoring cabin via internet. In case the connection is lost, it automatically switches to a secondary one. In case the customer´s internet connections fails, the cabin will get notice after few minutes letting them know that there is no connection with the communicators.

The service offers

  • • The advantage of arming and disarming the alarm system using a smartphone.
  • • Immediate report to the cabin for the lack of connection.
  • • IP via communication (internet). Independent from the landline.

A wide sort of compatible devices and models of alarm systems, which purpose is to safely send the information via private data channel to the cabin.

This system has a backup channel, which is activated in case the main one fails. The backup channel keeps the connection with our monitoring cabin.

  • • It is adaptable and compatible to different models of alarm systems in the market.
  • • Landline independent.

Customer service centre 52 (444) 825 41 03 with 60 lines available


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