Customer service centre 52 (444) 825 41 03 with 60 lines available
Customer service centre 52 (444) 825 41 03 with 60 lines available

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It is an access control for exteriors, which works through RFID type of 125 KHZ. It is equipped with an exit switch that allows opening the barriers; it also has magnetic and electric bolts.

Main functions:

  • • •30000 users’ data cards storage.
  • • TCP/IP connection for finger prints reading and transference. (connected to the main software)
  • • In and out clock.
  • • 90 m approaching sensor.
  • • Connected to the net by a UTP cable.

Ultralight biometric terminal to control the access and manage the personnel attendance Equipped with a biosensor, Wi-Fi communication and a fast algorithm offering efficient results.

  • • TFT colour screen of 2.4 inches and digital keyboard.
  • • Ultralight and elegant design.
  • • Standard WI-FI.
  • • TCP/IP, RS485 and USB host communication.
  • • Weigan in and out control.
  • • Auxiliary and versatile port which allows the connection of an emergency switch or a detector if needed.

An innovative device to manage the employees times and attendance. It is either done by face recognition, finger print reading or password entering. It also performs the access control basic function.

The validation of the user identity is dome in matter of seconds providing a smooth process during ins and outs.

The communication between MB360 and the PC. Is done by an interface (TCP/IP) or a UDB port to manually transfer the data. Its elegant design is easily adaptable to any ambience.

Ideal to manage time and attendance at your office or establishment. The screen shows an elegant and professional faceplate design.

It has the capacity to storage 20,000 different fingerprints validating the info within seconds. It also has a TCP/IP net connection; it is resistant to a 0-45 C. and to a 20%-80% humidity level. Its dimensions are: 190.0mm X 147.0mm X 53.8 mm (length, wide, thickness).

It is and auto service model which automatically imprints the reports generated by the system. The reports are stored into the clock system to keep track of the activity. This is ideal for small business and establishments so it is not necessary to use software. The reports are stored and can be printed in excell.

Besides having an USB host and a friendly user interface, is easy to use.


  • • Multiple independent technology.
  • • Continuous wave measurement technic.
  • • Auto diagnose system.
  • • More than fifty inspections performed per minute.
  • • Interferences proof.
  • • Equipped with an infrared sensor to avoid false alarms.
  • • Onto the ground attachable base.

It is an innovative biometric scanner by finger prints. This system controls the access to the premises. It provide an excellent performance using an advanced algorithm to get optimal results and a competitive speed during the process.

Due to its advance algorithm and optical sensor, the data validation is done quickly. This device offers a wide versatility when being installed on its own or along with a control panel due to its Wiegand factor of 26 bits.

This equipment can be used in exteriors and exteriors due to its IP54 protection. It can handle a wide range of temperatures.

It captures fingerprints and searches for their matches stored in the system.

It has an IP65 protection good for exteriors. It is waterproof and offers a better durability under any meteorological condition.


  • • It allows a long distance connection between the master system and the scanner.
  • • By installing the master system inside and the scanner outside, and the canner outside it can facilitate a safe installation of the access control.

Scanners with modern proximity and intuitive user interface.

Protected by a thick jacket and it is resistant to any climate conditions. It is ideal for exteriors and interiors due to it esthetic and modern design


  • • Energy saving.
  • • LED illumination and touch screen.
  • • Field adjustable Wiegand exit (26 or 34 bits).
  • • Water proof.

Customer service centre 52 (444) 825 41 03 with 60 lines available


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